Friday, May 10, 2013

Speak, dont type whats important

I am reminded that the typed word, via text, email, and blog does not transmit the full content of an experience or thought.  The emotion and intent can be lost or exaggerated.    It is fine for data/information transmission.  On several occasions I have found my purpose misinterpreted, only to have it appear to bite me in the .... well you know.  I must remember to not type when there is strong concern or emotion behind a situation.  For me it is much better worked out in person or on the phone.

Face to face we receive so much more information in body language and facial expression.  In text we get nada and the recipient is left to their own imagination.  Often going to the worst case senario when that was unnecessary and unfounded. 

We humans are an interesting lot!  All is fine.

Just breathe........ 

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