Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wall Street Tax

I t seems lacking to me that there isn't already a tax on financial transactions.  We have taxed everything else.  As Europe passes legislation imposing such taxes, the markets threaten that trading will move elsewhere and their markets will suffer.  However, if Britain, the US, and other savy governments follow suit to help their own struggling economies, their would not be a significant migration to other markets.  This way the only market left will be in some small middle eastern town, and they can't all go there.  Anyway, I do think it is time to support our expenditures with a few more $$s from the rich getting richer.

Once the budget is balanced, then for every $ revenue raise above and beyond, a matching program should be re-funded, it's only fair (if only).  We have cut cut cut, we need to build build build.

Austerity is not the way.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doing Nothing

I keep telling my yoga students to try to do nothing - even just for 5 minutes.  Here is a great TED video, telling us the same thing  Meditation is a much simpler thing than we all make it out to be.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hot Flashes

Yeah, really about Hot Flashes.  So I have them, but not in the debilitating way.  I don't sweat unless I am in tip top condition, you know aerobic workout 3X per week plus all the other exercise that I do, so right now I don't sweat.  Even when I get a hot flash.

When I get a hot flash, my skin does not get hot.  I want to rip clothing off or open a window, but when I check or have someone else check my heat level, there is none.  How could that be?  I have seen many women drenched in sweat when this occurs to them and we all feel hot and want to feel cooler.

Here's my theory.  Since these apparent flashes are caused by changing hormone levels, I don't think there is anything going on at the skin/nerve level until after a response happens in the brain to whatever is amiss with hormones or the byproduct of reactions going on inside.  Our brain registers a response similar to feeling hot.  In normal women that  sweat, they follow with that reaction which brings the heat to the surface so that it can be sweated (evaporated) away.  The heat/sweat comes after the perceived "warmth"..

Our natural reaction is to try to cool ourselves.  In my body, as I try to cool down, my cool sensing nerves do respond, but it does not change the "warmth" that I feel.  So I am feeling cool and "warmth" at the same time.  And I note that the warmth that I feel, is not the same as feeling warm when I am in a sauna, or in the sun on a hot day.  There is definitely two different things going on.  Someone should figure this out.  What is happening in the brain?

Does anyone really care?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well, I have been running an experiment.  I always run them on myself.  I did yoga daily for 25 years, (except when I was having kids - my body did not cooperate). And in the first 2000 decade I started meditating everyday.  Although I didnt live in a cave and devote all of my time to sacred scripture reading, practicing yamas and niyamas, but rather lived a life with kids, relationships and much material success, I found my consciousness quite expansive, my awareness very present, mindfulness always there.  The sense of ego was diminishing and I experienced life as if the "I" was just part of the "one".  As I surrendered more and more to what was, my ego (sense of individual self) had less and less to do with what manifested in my life, and yet life manifested quite a lot.

At some point a decision was made to not continue so strong a practice, perhaps mind won a small battle, and I lessened the meditation practice and lessened the yoga practice.  I even stopped the practice altogether for many months.  Although there was still the sense of less I and more one, the change in awareness and expansive consciousness had been quite extreme.  In other words,
No Meditation = No Awareness.  Over time the state of presence and mindfulness decreased more and more.

All of that led me to consider that this really is a function of neurons in the brain, .and not some potential spiritually induced enlightenment.  The more I practice(meditation/yoga), the more the neurons in my brain become wired in a spacious, unreactive, surrender leaning way.  The less I practice, the more stressed I react and less open and spacious I feel.

It take 7 years to replace all the neurons in our brains.  In this 2nd phase of the experiment I hope to locate the happy medium range of awareness and functioning on this plane(t).